Hong Kong Protests

Severna Park, MD, 8 OCT, Severn School

Over the years, Hong Kong has maintained a constitution that is called “Hong Kong Basic Law”. With this system, the people who live in Hong Kong have freedoms that are different, and in some ways better, than those who live in China.  For instance, Hong Kong residents have the right to protest, the right to a free press, and freedom of speech. In the past, Beijing has insisted that they would not interfere with or interrupt the Hong Kong constitution that is in place. However, recently Beijing has been trying to enforce that they have complete power over Hong Kong. Because of China’s increasing role in trying to take power from Hong Kong, residents are beginning to protest.

The protestors all have different goals in mind, but it is clear that there are five main ones everyone wants to achieve. The people of Hong Kong want the government to “withdraw the bill, for leader Carrie Lam to step down, an inquiry into police brutality, for those who have been arrested to be released, and greater democratic freedoms.” Protestors Companies have already reported "serious consequences from the disruption."have tried to accomplish their five goals by going to places that handle transportation. These include places such as subways and airports. Due to this, places have been shut down for days, and many people are having troubles getting to work and other places.

One of the largest places the protestors went to was Hong Kong’s international airport. Some said they thought this would be a safe environment to protest in because on the streets and in other places protestors and police were getting violent, however, it wasn’t. Police entered the airport and ended the protest on the inside. Even though police eventually got the protestors out of the airport, over 1000 flights were affected and delayed. Similarly, events like this took place at the subway, and have caused it to be shut down for over four days in a row. Because of the disruptions and violence the protestors have caused and used, police have had to take extreme measures and use tear gas, pepper spray, and other violent methods against the protestors in return.

In addition to the disruptions in places of transportation, stores and other places are also being affected by the Protesters vandalize the Cheung Sha Wan local government offices in Hong Kong on Sunday.protests. Many places are saying that they are losing money in sales and feel that they are under pressure from this disruption. Places are also being affected by vandalism and destruction of their stores, but police are struggling to keep up with the protestors and end this issue.

Overall, Beijing trying to step in and change the city has led to the destruction of the city. People are being injured, places are being destroyed, and the city is crumbling.

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