Is Trump going to be Impeached?

Severna Park, MD, October 1, Severn School

         In late September of 2019, Trump froze $391 million of aid to Ukraine because he believes that it was too much money for one country to aid. Trump says that he thinks it is only fair for more countries to step up and help. However, days prior to freezing the aid, Trump pressed the new president of Ukraine over the phone to investigate 2020 candidate, Joe Biden, and his son before the upcoming election to find negative information that would help take away supporters of Biden. Trump told the Ukraine president that he would continue aiding them if they presented him with contradicting information about Biden.

        By calling a foreign power to get involved in a presidential election, Trump disobeys his presidential oath which could lead to impeachment.  An impeachment inquiry has been set in place by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats are taking this impeachment in a much more extreme manner as oppose to Nixon. During an interview on CNN politics, blank states “Nixon was a patriot, Nixon never would accept help from a foreign power for his own personal interest in an election” (CNN). This is an ongoing story as the government goes through the impeachment inquiry.


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