Monday Night Lights?

 Jevyn Avery

When one of the biggest rivalry games in Anne Arundel County sports history, Meade vs Old Mill, is about to be played you have to make sure you get your tickets early because if you don’t you know the seats will be sold out. I’m sure everyday of that week in school the halls for both schools were electric, players had plenty of adrenaline in practice just itching and waiting for game day, student sections already knew what chants they were going to be doing. The game was probably already planned out in some people’s heads. It was going to be a packed crowd, the atmosphere was going to be as close to a college football stadium as they could get, both teams going back and forth all game while only having one team come out on top with a victory in a thriller of a game. Well that was until they were informed with probably the biggest news of the week. Fans, parents and students were sad when they found out that the game they have been waiting all week for isn’t even going to be played on Friday. The game was rescheduled to Saturday but the county threw another curveball in their plans when they were notified the game would be played Monday with no spectators. The only people that were allowed at the game was coaches, players, trainers, county and military police and school officials. The reason for the delay was because there was a shooting Wednesday. The shooting took place in the Meade High School District. Since this game is such a big rivalry there was also suspense to fights and possibly shootings between kids from Meade and Old Mill. The county had to come up with a plan in which the safety of the players and other people involved in the game was put first. The fans weren’t totally blocked off from seeing the action. The game was streamed for free on the National Federation of High Schools website for the people who were not in attendance. The last time a game was played without spectators for an Anne Arundel County team was in 1996.

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