Montgomery County Is Suing JUUL?

Montgomery County, Maryland has recently filed a lawsuit to the e-cigarette company JUUL. JUUL produces small, concealable devices that contain large amounts of nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. JUUL’s design is very appealing to teenagers as they offer flavors such as fruits and desserts. E-cigarettes and vapes have caused lung damage to several teenagers around the country. A US surgeon says that from 2011 to 2015, there was a 900% increase in teenage use of vape.

JUUL was establish in 2015 and became the most popular e-cigarette in 2017. JUUL has made billions in profit in only their 4 years of business. In November of 2018, JUUL stopped selling fruit and dessert flavored products along with increasing the age of who can purchase the items. They also removed themselves from all social media.

Montgomery County claimed that JUUL violated the Maryland Consumer Protection Act and the Montgomery County Costumer Protection Act. Montgomery County’s lawsuit also claims that the company designed a device specifically for underage teenagers to buy and that they have made a new generation have an addiction. Montgomery County also claims that JUUL violated federal racketeering.

Montgomery County needs more money in order to decrease the use of vape around them. There have been three legislations that have been introduced in the last month by the county:

  • Prohibit vape shops within half of a mile of every middle and high school
  • Prohibit distribution by only selling the products to people 21 and over
  • Prohibit products within a mile from all county schools

Public hearings for these measures are scheduled for November 5th. There is also an upcoming bill to ban all products in Maryland that will be introduced in the next legislation secession.


Teenage nicotine addiction has affected many generations. Before vapes were invented, the earlier generation teenagers were addicted to cigarettes. As technology improved, e-cigarettes were invented to guide smokers out of addiction. Because of this, many people did not think e-cigarettes were harmful. The tobacco was replaced with dangerous chemicals. Since e-cigarettes were viewed as harmless, they caught teenagers’ eyes and caused a new generation to be addicted to nicotine.


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