Secret Service Opening a New Canine Training Facility in Laurel, MD

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By Severn Current Student Solana Page

Secret Service Opening a New Canine Training Facility in Laurel, MD

What is the Story About:

The new government building created for canine is a 20,500-square-foot building. This building came under budget which is unlike other government projects in the past; it cost just under $10 million. In the building, the designers made sure to
pay attention to detail. There are spacious kennels to prevent injuries, natural lighting that comes above a dog’s line of sight to prevent distractions, and an around the clock veterinary office. 

The canines never had a dedicated building for training and so when the opportunity arose for a legitimate building to be created, many were excited. An assistant to the special agent in charge said, “it has really brought us out of the stone age.” The Secret Service which is part of the Department of homeland Security is response for protecting the nation’s leaders and families. Because of this a good institution is needed so that proper training can be done with attention to details.

Within the complex, there are many different rooms that test the canines’ knowledge. There is an “odor introduction” room, a “personal screening room” where dogs can detect scents on participants, a training yard, and more. The dogs are primarily used under two different categories. There are some dogs that detect explosives and others that are apart of the Emergency Response Team, SWAT, and are put in critical sites. 

The different dog breeds being used at this site are Belgian Malonois and Labrador Retrievers. This center is very important because the Secret Service finally have a dedicated place to properly train canines. 

What is the history of the topic:

In 1976, the first canine unit was formed because of an increase of terrorism threats. This unit began with six dogs and their handlers. This unit used to go by the name of “Executive Protection Service” where the dogs located and detected explosives. The program was hen renamed “Uniformed Division” and in 1982, the growth of the program increased to 13 canines serving. today, there are 100 canines in service that train within a specific area. These dogs train and serve until thy are 9 1/2 years old.

Bigger Significance/Long News:

This news story is significant because a proper facility has been installed to train dogs in a service that will help humans in the future. Without this facility, dogs may not have had the best conditions which could result in them not being focused on the task at hand. Handlers would have to work longer with the canines without getting them out and into the field. This location is straightforward and canines health and training are the only two matters being focused on. Money is being put towards government buildings that in the end, help aid the US. The bigger significance to this is that with these new facilities being installed, it makes you wonder what the conditions were like prior. Were the canines receding the probe attention that they needed and were they in a stressful environment.






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