Teen Sexually Assaulted During Arundel High School Homecoming

Jevyn Avery—October 28, 2019

When you send your daughter off to homecoming you assume she is going to have one of the best nights of her teenage years. You expect her to be dancing, laughing, smiling and having fun all night with her friends until it is time for her to come home. Well unfortunately that wasn’t the case for this unlucky parent. 

A student at Arundel High School had to call their parents because she was sexually assaulted during homecoming right on the dance floor. The child chose to not be identified so her parents names were not given. When the mom got to the school she sent her daughter crying. The mother was trying to figure out why her daughter her was crying but she was too devastated to give her an answer. An administrator had to take it upon themselves to tell the mother what had happened to her daughter. The administrators and Anne Arundel County police officers conducted an investigation while the dance was going on.

The father of the girl, had a meeting with the county council and the mother will also have a meeting with the board of education. The mother stated “If every appropriate protocol was followed, I hate to see what happens if someone misses a step.” The mother asked the school to send out a letter to encourage any witnesses to step forward. This request was initially refused by the principal until the mother posted their email on social media. 

“School resource officers had given 25 juvenile citations to students in the 2017 through 2018 school year for “sex offense fourth degree”. Two of those students that got citations were from Arundel High School.” The principal stated in her letter that administration interviewed the girl and students around her but were not able to find a suspect. 

At this time police are still working on this case. The person found guilty can be charged with a fourth-degree sex offense. 

Source: https://www.capitalgazette.com/education/ac-cn-sexual-assualt-20191023-ldpagro22vh6vdcqifnirxjdim-story.html

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