The Importance of History in any Profession, even the NFL

After winning a very close game this past Sunday against the Lions At Ford Field in Detroit, one in which the Chiefs (4-0) trailed for much of the time, a triumphant but clearly battle-weary, almost hoarse Head Coach Andy Reid gathered his troops for a post-game locker-room debrief, and for a historical, philosophical analogy, where he focused on still being successful despite adversity, and short-term failure.
It was a perfect moment; one where a great leader, armed with the knowledge of history, can raise the morale of his troops with stirring comparisons of great people and great deeds of the past. Luckily, a news reporter was there to capture the moment.

Remember folks, study hard in your history classes; see what a difference knowing history can make!

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  1. Ouch! Isn’t it great that we can watch anyone’s mistakes whenever we want?


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