Curriculum Food for thought at Severn? Italy First Country to Require Study of Climate Change in Schools

Severn School has a great curriculum, and I believe the school attempts to revisit, study, and even modernize it on a fairly consistent basis. Is it time to take some curriculum advice from Italy? The Editorial Staff at the Severn Current identified “climate change” as one of our very top “long news” categories…. so this, we believe, is very much worth an investigation.

A student demonstration in September in Rome demanding action on climate change.Credit…Massimo Percossi/ANSA, via Associated Press

From the New York Times: ROME — Yes, children, climate change will be on the test.

Italy’s education minister said Tuesday that its public schools would soon require students in every grade to study climate change and sustainability, a step he said would put Italy at the forefront of environmental education worldwide.

The lessons, at first taught as part of the students’ civics education, will eventually become integrated throughout a variety of subjects — a sort of “Trojan horse” that will “infiltrate” all courses, the education minister, Lorenzo Fioramonti, said.

Environmental advocates welcomed the new subject matter, with some caveats.


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