How to Access A-Periods

Severna Park, MD – 15 NOV – Severn School

By Severn Current Student Solana Page

Every day there is the reoccurring question of what A-Period. Students have tried to look for it in its original spot where Ms. Fuller used to post it, but now it is no longer there. People normally go with the flow of the crowd in order to figure out what admiral hour is. Recently I have found out how to access the running list of A-Periods that I didn’t think existed. This is not common knowledge for many, and so I wanted to use this platform to share a step-by-step on how to access the information. 

Step 1: Go to MySevern and hover your cursor over “Groups” 

Step 2: Click “Admiral Hour” 

Step 3: Click the blue “here” in the second paragraph 

Step 4: A running list of all of the A-Periods will open 

Yes, this is a change from how it originally was, but change is inevitable. This platform works just as well and now that everyone knows how to access A-Periods, it will no longer be a struggle every day to try and figure out what admiral hour is.

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