Opinion: Are Electric Cars really as Eco-friendly as they seem?

Image result for tesla carsAre electric cars really as eco-friendly as some people claim that they are? I do not think so. I have heard many people claim that their electric cars are more efficient and eco-friendly than a traditional gas or diesel powered vehicle. While the car does not directly burn any fuel, there are still fossil fuels that are burned during the production of the electricity. Yes, there are solar and wind farms that do produce electricity, but in the U.S. , we have not completely switched over to those sources for electricity. The other main problem with electric cars is their batteries. Tesla, for example uses lithium ion batteries in their cars, like most other companies that have electric vehicles. lithium ion batteries are very good at storing large amounts of electricity in a small package, but they are also very dangerous. The reason why they use lithium ion batteries is because they are the lightest, smallest, and best source of power. Lithium ion batteries ignite easily if their casing is punctured, or if they are put in extreme conditions, which will cause the casing to malfunction. The batteries also wear out after every discharge and recharge cycle. Once the batteries wear out they are not easily recyclable because of the components that make up the battery. When they need to be replaced the batteries just become excess waste that is toxic because of the fluids that are used in the battery. I think that with the current technology that we have, gas or diesel powered vehicles are still better and more efficient. Most newer cars get around 30 miles per gallon and some get up to around 50. I think that electric cars are worse because of the toxic waste that is created by the batteries. I think the future of eco-friendly vehicles is not with electricity. I think that bio fuels will be the most eco-friendly option in the future.Image result for tesla suv

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