Severn Student Sets the Tone

7 NOV — Severna Park

I interviewed Severn School Freshman Brandon Taub about his picnic table that he made for his friends. Here is our conversation:

Maddi: Why did you make this picnic table?

Brandon: First, I made the table because the benches were very crowded and me and my friends along with others were either crammed or had no where to sit. Also one of the candidates running suggested it but I decided I would take the initiative.

M: Did your friends help you out?

B: My friends did not help me out, I built and painted it myself.

M: What did Mr. Buckley think?

B: Mr. Buckley was thrilled and was a massive help in getting it to the school.

M: Do you eat here everyday?

B: I do not eat out here everyday, another friend group does but I am so happy to see people sitting at my bench.

M: Do you enjoy constructing things?

B: I love building and learning new things and just doing things with my hands. Fun fact within then minutes I was notified by friends that the plaque was stripped off by brute force and I had to come back at 8 pm to epoxy and screw it back on, that’s why there are scratches on it.

Severn’s lack of seating for lunches can seem like an annoyance that many people will simply complain about and move on; Brandon shows us all that taking the initiative to do something about a problem is a great way to set the tone of the school year.

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