Drug Testing to Park on Campus ??

Severna Park, MD – 9 DEC – Severn School


Within the past year, many high schools have been creating news rules regarding parking. At most public high schools, only the seniors are permitted to park on campus because there are so many students in each class and not enough parking spaces. Because of the limited amount of parking, in a few scenarios some seniors are not even given a sticker to park on campus, resulting in them having to park off campus.

Because of the more prevalent availability of drugs in society, many students have begun to turn to abusing opioids and other substances. In some cases, students

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have even used school to sell/buy substances and abuse them during school hours. With the number of students being caught using, selling, and abusing substances in school increasing, high schools across the nation are beginning to change their policies regarding many school privileges and activities. One recent change in policy at some schools is parking.

During the summer, senior students apply for a parking permit. They have to fill out a form, sign it, and have their parents sign it. On the form students fill out, a new box has been added saying that the students must agree to be subject to random urine tests. These tests are capable of detecting marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, PCP, and some prescription drugs like benzodiazepines. If students don’t check the box agreeing to this, then they will not receive a parking sticker or be allowed to park on campus. Additionally, schools have implemented this same drug testing for sports and extracurricular activities.

After interviewing a student, Andrea Riefkohl, she was left asking, “Is this a violation of student’s privacy? Should students have to agree to this to park on campus? Will this policy ever make it to Severn School?”

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