Syracuse University Racism Scandal

Syracuse University has been thrust into a scandal with the reports of recent racist activity on campus. An African-American woman who goes to Syracuse reported to the Chairman of the University, Kent Syverud, that she was “subjected to a verbal racial epithet from a group of students and visitors.” This is the 6th report of on-campus racism at Syracuse in 10 days. Noticing the increasing severity of this problem, Chairman Syverud suspended all fraternity-related activities for the rest of the fall semester. He has also taken many other measures to help ensure the safety and integrity of the students. The college has offered a $50,000 reward for information about a possible suspect, brought the Syracuse Police Department on campus to investigate, and have released many statements showing their disgust of the situation and their methods of fixing it. Most recently, they have sent out a statement to all applicants for the year of 2020 to express their commitment to isolating and eliminating this issue. Protesters are not satisfied with these methods however. They have threatened to call for Syverud’s resignation if their 18 racism-preventative demands aren’t met. One of these demands is to raise $1 million to make a class to “educate the campus on diversity issues, specifically anti-racism.” Debates have surfaced about what Syverud should do in this situation. Mat Ross, the board president of the alumni trust association of a Syracuse fraternity, does not agree with Syverud’s decision to suspend all fraternity-related activities. He says that many should not be punished for the actions of one, but that he understands that this is a terrible situation. We will have to wait and see if Syverud will be forced to resign or not.

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