Administrative action taken against Midshipman for racist tweets

Over the month of July a midshipman in the Naval Academy tweeted out many racist statements about  Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. After the tweets were shared through the Navel football team and others. The screenshots of those tweets than made there way up to  Superintendent Vice Adm. After the screenshots made its way up to the Superintendent Vice Adm. He made a video and stated

“And as superintendent, let me be clear to you, now in this video, if you, yourself, harbor racist or bigoted views toward your fellow men and women in arms, there will never be a place for you in our Navy or Naval Academy family.” (Mongilio Heather, Administrative action’ taken Against Navel Academy Midshipman for Racist Tweets)

With the results of the investigation towards the midshipmen he most likely be dismissed from he Navel Academy and the punitive action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. this shows that the Navel Academy does not things like racism very lightly and they aspect everybody no matter high you are or how low you are in the navel Academy to follow all rules and treat everyone with the most up-most respect. If anyone else followed along with the Midshipman 1st Standage they would be tried individually and might go through dignity and respect redemption. All through out the investigation Standage deleted his twitter account and when he was requested to comment on the screenshots of his racist claims he never answered the request. After the investigation was over in 9 days Vice Adm created another message telling everybody the steps that the Academy will make to do better and increase its success through diversity and inclusion.




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