Maryland life will never be the same

As the year 2020 comes to a close Maryland was hit hard by Covid-19 virus and was put into a stay at home order. As all of us sat inside our houses while essential workers like doctors and nurses and others risk their health to work and earn money the cases continually rose through out the months leaving Maryland to enforce social distancing from one another and many of us not being able to leave our houses.

Luckily as the year ends we are able to leave the house and walk around and go sit at restaurants as we gain some normality to our lives. As many people hope that we will eventfully regain normalcy in every aspect of our lives, but as we see the CDC shows us that Maryland still has over 100,000 Covid-19 cases spread through out Maryland. Prince George and Montgomery county being hit the hardest with over 20,000 cases and Baltimore county and Baltimore City with over 10,000 cases.

Even with cases slowly declining we will always be forced to wear masks inside businesses and have to social distance and keep physical contact to a minimum. Even when a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus comes out Maryland and everyone must still be carful because the virus could mutate and cause another serious pandemic and many more people to get sick, Including your friends and family members will be at risk.  Another aspect is school. Many of you, if not all you already know how Covid-19 is affecting your school. As most schools are doing all virtual and or hybrid module. if you do go into school they probably have strict rules that must be followed for the health and safety of other students and faculty members. As other schools and students do all virtual that could greatly affect the way of learning. as the year continues and as we adapt life in Maryland will never be the same as we once knew and loved due to the nature of the Covid-19 Virus.

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