Boobytrapped political sign

In Southwest Michigan a township worker had sliced their finger open and had to get 13 stitches due to attempting to move a political sign that was to close to the road. The political was laced with razor blades all around the sides of the board. Scott the township worker at first thought the had electrocuted when he went to go pick up the sign. Scott told the news station “Why would someone set a  boobytrap sign to harm someone?” “A child could have picked it up”. The woman that owns the political signs clams that her sign are constantly being stolen from her then later returned. After that she then clamed that she had no idea that the razor blades were tapped to the sign. As of know the police are doing a full investigation of the political sign and of the woman who owns the signs. The owner of the political sign claimed that he signs were constantly stolen and then later returned to her over and over again.


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