The Dragon of the North

The Dragon of the North was a giant reptile that was found in the ice nearly 3 decades ago but scientists in the Alberta badlands and didn’t know what it was for the time that its been uncovered. Early this week they were finally able to identify what this giant dragon was. The giant flying reptile is called the Cryodrakon boreas. This giant dragon lived 76 million years ago in Western Canada during of the Cretaceous period. This giant monster was mostly head and neck, more than 8 feet tall at the shoulders about the same height as giraffes, with the wing span of 16 foot wingspan or bigger. Dave Hone stated that they believed that the reptile belonged to the Quetzalcoatl or called the pterosaur. The Cryodrakon Boreas was a new genus of pterosaur.  The one trait that connects those to ancient animal is that they both belong to the Azhdarchid pterosaurs, these are notable for being mostly head and neck.

This giant wasn’t identified earlier due to the fact that paleontologists didn’t have enough information on this giant creature. Paleontologists said that this Quetzalcoatl was the first Azhdarchid to be named of it so they couldn’t solve this problem properly due to lacking information. While they were looking for more information of the Giant reptile found in Canada they found more in France, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Hungary, and Romania.

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