Long Island Gas explosion

In Long Island New York on November 1 there was a giant gas fire that set 3 houses on fire thasent 1 homeowner and 2 firefighters airlifted the hospital. The explosion sent chucks of its roof into buildings next to it and across the street. These chucks of roofs hit the house of the local fire chief who after hearing this explosion rushed to help 5 children get to safety before they could be hurt by the flames. During the explosion and the fire, a nurse that lives 2 doors down from the house that caught fire rushed to help people in need. She rushed to a house that people were screaming inside of and tended to a 60- or 70-year-old that was in shocked and needed oxygen quick. While the unknown nurse tended to the elderly she couldn’t stop talking about how her house was destroyed from the explosion.  the gas explosion was so powerful that everybody their felt the shock and heard the boom of the explosion. The man that owned the house that cause flames suffered critical burns and smoke inhalation, while the 2 firefighters suffered injuries from a wall collapsed on them, but they are in stable condition. While the man’s condition is still unknown. The police are investigating the scene to make sure that it was just a natural fed gas fire and nothing else 

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