Vietnam: The Television War

The Vietnam War (1955-1975) also known as the television war by the United States. This war other than the bloody war that was happing across the world there was a personal war going on between the government and the citizens in the United States. This war was brought from the news of the war through newspaper, radios, and televisions all throughout the United States. While the government gained the popularity of the people to go ahead and begin the war. As the war went on during the years the news covered as much as possible all while capturing some of the most gruesome moments during the war.

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This news coverage of the war might have been a reason for the positive light to turn negative throughout the war. During the Vietnam war the government the faced a big problem and that was the news coverage showed the US citizens the death of so many soldiers. Though many were watching the war through televisions, radios, newspaper, those same people while being exposed to the worst of the war they couldn’t turn their heads away. Months later the government sent over 200,000 which the media then covered which grew doubt and the questionings of the government as the media and the people at home saw and claimed to be an act of desperation.

As the negative media light continued throughout the Vietnam war more anti-war movements became more frequent and louder. In the end of it all President Nixon saw the amount of power that the media held in its hand and he also saw the amount of covered that came with the media as well, showing the war on every news channel left, right, and center. In the end the media held most or almost all of the power of influence of the people during the war.

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