Macy’s Day Parade 2020

If you did not have a chance see, you really missed out. The Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade was a go this year and was truly a success. With COVID, of course, tv hosts along with the dancers had to adhere to the guidelines instructed by the CDC: mask wearing, social distancing, etc. Additionally, for the first time ever, people were not allowed to stand in the streets to watch the Macy’s Day Parade. Instead, they had to sit in their homes and watch the parade for there, which might not have been a bad idea since it was raining in New York City that morning. Members of the show also prerecorded certain performances, such as Hamilton, due to the fact that they did not where masks while singing or social distancing because they were all previously tested. According to the executive producer for the Macy’s Day Parade, she stated, “While it will may look different in execution, we invite everyone to tune in and experience our incredible celebration on television featuring our signature character balloons, dazzling animated floats, whimsical clowns, world-class performances, and of course the arrival of Santa Claus, who will once again herald the start of the holiday season.”

Truly, this parade was an unforgettable moment in history. It would not have been possible without all the excellent planning and seamless transitions from one act to another (prerecorded to live). Although, the producers of the Macy’s Day Parade are hopeful that we will have a traditional parade next year!

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