Mysterious Monolith appears in Romania

The strange monolith that has disappeared from the Utah desert after standing there for almost 2 weeks then making appearance in the Bâtca Doamnei plateau overlooking the Romanian city of Piatra Neamt. This monolith could be the same from the Utah desert with it standing at 10-12 feet tall and seems to be made out of the same reflective material. This Monolith has caused panic in the town and the mayor of the city has been taking the news by storm and stopping the panic. In the news article the mayor has claimed that this strange structure has been left by aliens that chosen his city and is very honored that his city has been chosenWhile the disappearance of the one in Utah may be man-made while a photographer claims that they saw 4 men taking the structure apart. In the morning the structure disappeared all that was left was a shiny triangle metal piece that was the top of the monolith.

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