New whales species discovered in Mexico

While scientists working of the cost of Mexico, they have discovered a new species of whales that have a beak. These whales were spotted by the San Benito Islands around 300 miles away from the US coast. They were first discovered when the scientists recorded a new acoustic sound, while looking for what creature made the sound, they found 3 new whales and were able to take pictures of the creatures while as using an underwater microphone to capture the whale’s acoustic sounds. Researchers Gustavo Cárdenas Hinojosa, Jay Barlow and Elizabeth Henderson claim that the whales are a completely new species and that they are going to use genetic sampling to make sure. As the investigation of the new whale’s species continues, they can say for certain that the acoustics of the 3 beaked whales doesn’t match any of the other acoustic sounds that are unique to other whales. As no one knows for certain we can only hope that the 3 whales are a new species that has never been found.  

Possibly a new species of Beaked whale

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