While You Were Away… New Turf For Severn?

While you’ve been away on full-remote, looks like someone’s been busy refreshing the turf on both athletic fields. Guess it’s time to replace. This will be great news for athletic teams that play on these fields!

To understand first-hand, the Severn Anchor spoke with Senior field hockey star Libby Wild to get her take on the playing condition of our old turf. Libby explained to us that the football side of the turf field, especially, had several rips and exposed areas that were, if not dangerous, certainly detrimental to play. This sounds from an athlete’s perspective to be a necessary maintenance upgrade. And, what better time than now, while things are very quiet at Severn, than to perform this work/excavation?

Given our current alarming world crisis, the Staff also received different feedback, and wondered about the optics of re-doing turf fields during a pandemic. We debated it briefly and found arguments to be made on both sides, and that from an outside perspective this may seem inappropriate.

On the other hand, this apparently has been in the budget and plan for some time, and given the lull in activity on campus, this is a perfect time quickly and painlessly to perform needed maintenance for our school and our field-based athletes. Overall, it seems like a good idea and a great time to do it.

What do you think? Scroll down and post your thoughts!

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  1. I think this is the perfect time to lay down the turf- the parking lot is empty and trucks can get in with ease. That turf has seen a lot of action, and it is time.


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