Farewell to Departing Faculty and Staff!

The end of every school year is always a bittersweet moment because some members of our community are moving on to new opportunities. In addition to our interview with Mr. Lapolla, we wanted to take a moment to recognize these beloved members of the Severn family who are moving on to bigger and better challenges next year!




Farewell to Mrs. Molly Green, a staff member since 1989 (Director of Admissions) as well as a Severn alumnus and a parent of Severn graduates.







Mrs. Jean Berard has been a Severn faculty member since 2007, teaching Spanish. Mrs. Berard has also advised the Mock Trial team and the SPCA Club.

From Mrs. Berard:

“I suppose it’s fitting that this has been such a strange year.  This is my last year at Severn, and it feels strange to be saying goodbye to everybody here and also to a 45 year teaching career.  I am retiring and moving back to be with family in Illinois.  I have to – all my students here have already heard all my stories and I need a new audience.  My “best” stories are all from Severn. Schools and teaching have changed A LOT since I started (retiring teachers have to say that), but it is at Severn that I have felt that I was the teacher I always wanted to be.  We talk a lot about “becoming all that you can be”; thank you all for the gift of helping me achieve exactly that.”




Ms. Kelly Wilson has been a Severn teacher and administrator since 2015. Ms. Wilson has taught Math and served as the Director of Studies, and was previously the Director of the Graw Innovation Center.

From Ms. Wilson:

“When I first visited Severn it was the community feel that convinced me to make it my (and Jake’s, class of 2018) home. Mr. Lagarde and the Graw family provided me with an exciting opportunity to build programs and help students and teachers explore innovative practices. My close relationship with my talented, caring predecessor, Mrs. Charlier, made it an easy transition to my current role as director of studies. I truly enjoyed working with Mr. Soden as we began our roles together though Covid put a damper on some of our plans. Overall, it was working with teachers and students directly that provided the biggest satisfaction.

I think two highlights from my time stand out for me. First was my collaborative and creative work with Mrs. Ball developing the Engineer by Design process and class. Witnessing our Middle School students work through the design thinking process to create educational toys for our Lower School students brought tears of joy to my eyes.  The second stand out was the Upper School’s “Five Minute FilmFest” for Admiral Community Day in the fall of 2019. It was a fun, shared educational event that involved the whole Upper School community and was a great example of a relevant learning experience. Finally, an additional shout out to my peers for the days we spent exploring and learning together.  I will miss this place but more so the people who made it my home for the last six years. Thank you!”



Farewell also to Mrs. Norah Lapolla, a faculty member since 2018. Mrs. Lapolla has taught both Spanish and French, advised the SWAG Club, and coached swimming and track. Mrs. Lapolla and Mr. Lapolla welcomed baby Henry, born on April 22nd!

From Mrs. Lapolla:

“I loved learning and growing with my students, athletes, and colleagues during my three years at Severn. It would be too hard to pick one favorite memory together, but there are moments I won’t forget from each of my classes and teams. Thank you for the countless lessons and laughs and please keep in touch! “

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