Bucks vs. Sneakers

Severn Students have been wearing bucks for decades. The iconic dirty buck has been a part of the everyday dress code for both girls and boys. The shoe being gender-neutral has become a part of the popular Severn image. Through the years the dirty buck has evolved, originally was only allowed to be bought from one specific store but in current Severn life, you see several different styles of the buck, from the classic style to hightop bucks.

Severn students have added their own personalities to the shoes. However, students have found a way to make the shoe more comfortable. From pushing down the heels to removing laces and changing them for more colored options students find a way to make the flat rubber sole shoe suitable for their own comfort and style.

As this year begins and the upper school wears puts the bucks back on for the first time in a full year of school. People seem to have mixed emotions about wearing them again. Some people enjoy the look and feel of bucks was as some resent it. Bringing back the bucks after a year of comfort when students would wear anything from slippers to yeezys, many people wanted to continue this it this year.

The only way you don’t have to wear bucks this school year is to send Mr. Buckley a note from your doctor saying you should wear different shoes. Many people heard this and jumped to having their parents get a note from a doctor excusing their shoes. Are people forging doctors notes to get out of wearing bucks?? What do you think about bucks?? 

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