Donda vs. CLB

2 of the most popular rap artists both released an album within the same month. Now as you can imagine this started a huge debate about which album was better. Kanye and Drake hold 2 of the largest fan base’s in rap. Both of these artists and fan base’s have had a feud since September of 2007, when drake reportedly freestyles over one of Kanye’s beats. However the media reported that both artist had been signed by the same manager and were working together in April of 2010. They had co written many songs such as the popular “Forever” that was issued as a song for Lebron James documentary; Except their strong music bond was broken when Drake was. Spotted at a night club with Amber Rose who had been dating Kanye only 1 month prior. This incident seemed to put and end to the artists’ collaborations and since this Kanye and Drake have been feuding as every year one of the two disses the others music. Both artists’ have a different style of rap which creates different types of fan bases. However in September 2021 they both could agree that the  Artist’ new albums only had a handful of good songs. 

Although there was agreement that there only a handful of good songs each this didn’t stop the feud about which was best. Immediately after the albums were released twitter was flooded with fights about which was the best. So in order to settle the debate in the severn community; on Wednesday morning we released a poll asking the entire upper school to vote on which album they believe was the best. With over 150 responses and 2 days of voting, the results are finally in. It’s been determined that the Severn upper school students prefer Kanye’s album Donda over Drakes album Certified Lover Boy.

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