Homecoming Changes

With homecoming approaching soon, a few lucky freshmen have been already asked. Homecoming has been part of Severns alumni celebration weekend for a long time as a way to celebrate everyone coming back for the weekend. Homecoming dances started in 1914 in colleges to connect people with each other at the beginning of the year to make friends for the rest of the year. Then beginning in 1934 it become a high school annual tradition in October or November for all the students to get all dressed up and go to their school for a fun-filled evening.

Homecoming this year is going to look different than the years prior. An email was sent out to Upper Schools students addressing what the dance is going to look like this year. The biggest difference is that the dance is going to be outside in front of the alumni house whereas it is usually in the new gym. In addition to the location, the time changed and now it is 7-9. These changes have caused a lot of chatter amongst the high schoolers. Everyone is very excited but a little sad that it won’t be the same experience as it has been in the past.

Homecoming is a dance where the boys ask the girls to be their dates. As it gets closer we will start to see more and more posters amongst the students. The freshman are always the first to ask their dates because of the excitement of finally being able to go. So keep your eyes peeled for some posters!!

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