Admiral TV: A Huge Hit for Severn Sports

Robbie McNitt (left) and Gavin Wicker elevate for a soccer broadcast

Admiral TV has been a phenomenon on the rise this past fall at Severn, providing, for the first time, live-streamed varsity games coupled with truly remarkable commentary that has gripped the attention of our student body. Lead by seniors Josh Bing and Kieran Collins, Admiral TV has skyrocketed since its debut in 2019 by alumni Brendan Murphy (’19) and Colin Ervin (’19). Gavin Wicker, Admiral TV commentator and renowned sports fanatic, explains how the club has expanded since then. Streaming exclusively basketball games in the 2019-2020 school year, then streaming spring sports last year (but without any commentary), to then this fall when the club first began experimenting with live streaming as well as live commentary and graphics for the viewers at home. The new and exciting aspects of Admiral TV this fall have certainly caused a bit of buzz among the Severn community.  

Robbie McNitt, another talented and dedicated Admiral TV commentator, recalls that the very first soccer game he announced this season reached a total of 21 views at one time, whereas the recent girls varsity soccer playoff game he took part in reached a total of 132 views at once. This “steady incline,” as Wicker explains it, is largely due to the alluring and entertaining commentary that makes the games even more enjoyable to watch. Comparing linebacker/quarterback Campbell Grimes to a “beaver building his dam” during football’s homecoming game, as well as comparing the intensity of the boys soccer team to “eating spicy wings. . . [you can’t] cool your mouth down,” McNitt utilizes creative commentary and certainly makes these games even more enticing.

Admiral TV has big plans to continue to expand in the upcoming months. Look out for the debut of “’Roon Recaps,” highlight reels posted on the YouTube channel after every varsity team win. Additionally, Admiral TV will continue with live streaming and commentary into the winter and spring seasons (with rumors that swim meets could be included), as well as possibly adding live chats to the streamed games on YouTube. Although fall sports have come to a close, it is certain that the excitement of Admiral TV is just beginning, and we are looking ahead to a very promising year. Plug in “Severn Athletics/Admiral TV” into YouTube (or find the highlights posted here at The Anchor) to check out the next big game. 


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