Meet Ms. Zachor, Spanish Teacher Extraordinaire

Recently, I got a chance to interview a new teacher here at Severn, Ms. Zachor. Ms. Zachor teaches both Spanish and French on the second story of Teel, in room 208. Before coming to Severn, she taught at several schools, including Woods Academy in Bethesda, MD, Oneness Family School in Chevy Chase, and a variety of public schools in Connecticut. Ms. Zachor has always taught languages during her teaching career. In addition to her classes, Ms. Zachor is an advisor to the Humane Society and Film Club. 

Ms. Zachor is from Lexington, Massachusetts, where she was born and raised. She went to Boston University for college, where she received a degree in art. Ms. Zachor has lived in many fascinating places, including Colombia, Spain, France, and Honduras. It’s amazing how she can speak so many languages, not to mention her ability to teach these languages to others. Ms. Zachor has an eighteen year old child, and a greyhound dog she lives with. Ms. Zachor has a love of greyhounds, and has had as many as three at a time, fostering them for others. She taught me that greyhounds were bred to be racing dogs, and she takes in many ex-racers.  

Ms. Zachor gave me her feelings and first impressions of the Severn community. She said that the students of Severn are “exceptionally respectful and supportive of one another.” Overall, she feels that “here at Severn, we have a close community of hard-working people.” When you find yourself on language hallway of the 2nd floor of Teel, please stop in and say hello to Ms. Zachor! 


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