Meet Our New Director of Studies: Dr. Sidra Smith

The start of the school year brings many new things: new friends, new classes, and new teachers. I took some time to interview our new Director of Studies, Dr. Sidra Smith, Ph.D. Dr. Smith has worked as an educator in places as far-flung as Denver, Washington D.C., Boston, California, and Ghana.  

Emily Giorgio: How long have you been working in a school environment? 

Dr. Smith: Since 1992. 

Where did you grow up? 

In Boston. 

What did you do before you came to Severn? 

I taught freshman writing at Howard University, and I was an assistant head at a Pre-K through 12th grade school in DC.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of school? 

Spend time with my family and make gelatin prints. 

Why did you choose to come to Severn?

One of the things that was really appealing to me about Severn is how stable it is and how there is a long history. Yet, the school is interested in innovation and growth. I felt like it was a good opportunity to help shape the future of a school without shaping every aspect of it. Severn also has really committed, competent educators and I wanted to be a part of a strong team. 

Where did you go to school? 

I went to Wesleyan University in Connecticut for college, and Tufts University for grad school.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

 My new thing lately is that we spend too much time on email and texting, so I think real interpersonal human interactions are important. I want people to know to come by and say hi or invite me to stop by and say hi! 

Let’s take Dr. Smith up on her invitation! Stop by the second floor of Teel to introduce yourself, or say hello if you see Dr. Smith elsewhere on campus. 

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