Say Hola to the Newest Spanish Teacher: Ms. Stecher

This Tuesday I got a chance to sit down with our new Upper School Spanish teacher, Ms. Stecher. You may already know her from taking her Spanish class, but I got an in-depth look at the newest member of the Severn community.  

 Sydney Owens: Where did you grow up?

Amelia Stecher: San Antonio, Texas. 

Did this impact your knowledge of Spanish? 

I had a unique educational experience growing up. My elementary school was in an immersion program, so all of my classes from 1st through 5th grade were taught in Spanish, and then from middle school to high school, classes like science and history were taught in Spanish. I also took Spanish 4, 5, 6, and AP. So [living near the border] definitely affected me and gave me a love for Mexican culture in particular. 

 Where did you go to college? 

Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.  

What did you study in college? 

My major was Spanish, but I minored in chemistry and studio art. I’m still interested in pursuing art one day or even medicine. I’ve had an array of jobs; most recently I was working at a doctor’s office as an interpreter for Spanish speaking patients. So there’s a part of me that wants to pursue medicine in a Spanish speaking country or just a highly populated Spanish speaking area in the US. [I also] love art and love to watercolor and draw. 

 What led you to Severn? 

I have family here in the area, so I actually grew up visiting Arnold. My aunt and uncle live here and my cousins grew up here, so I’ve always known about the area and I love the water. Fun fact about me, I’m a swimmer; I love open water swimming, being on the water and boats, and paddle boarding. So after graduating high school in Colorado having grown up in Texas — two very landlocked places — I wanted to move to a coast. All of my family is on the West Coast (besides an aunt and uncle), but I really wanted to try it out here, and I found Severn after living here about two years; it all just worked out as life does. 

What are your first impressions of Severn? 

I wish I had come here as a high school student! I admire the focus on students’ individuality. I really appreciate the small class sizes; I went to a public high school there were at least 30 of us [in each classroom]. Obviously the grounds and the facilities here are lovely, but most importantly, the people I’ve met are so friendly and supportive. I remember meeting with the language department chair, Mrs. Townshend, and she was just incredibly supportive. As a first-year teacher, that was something very important to me — to have resources to pull from in order to get the job done in a way that’s best for students. 

Hopefully, this interview gave some insight into the newest member of our Severn community! If you are a JV girls’ basketball player, Ms. Stecher will be one of your coaches this winter. Feel free to say hello to Ms. Stecher in the hallways, or stop by her classroom and introduce yourself.   

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