Severn’s Fall Play, “Murder’s in the Heir”

This year’s fall play, “Murder’s in the Heir,” directed by Mr. Ron Giddings, opened on Thursday night. After it’s announced that billionaire Simone Starkweather will not be following the will that had been written out for years, but instead keeping it for her clone, her heirs get upset and resentful towards Mrs. Starkweather, who already has one foot in the grave. But when the power goes out from a huge storm, Simone is discovered dead.

But who did it?

Pictured (Henry Salinas ’23, Maddie Howell ‘2

If you decide to go to the play, you will get to vote on who you think the killer might have been. This is something that has never been done before in Severn theater. After watching the play myself on opening night, I strongly encourage you to go see it. The acting is incredible and the ability to interact and choose the fate of the rest of story is something you can’t miss.

Tickets are free for Severn students, $15 for adults, and $5 for students outside of Severn. 

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