Is Listening to Music When Doing Homework Harmful?

As this year approaches the end, many social media apps such as Snapchat or Spotify show some highlights from the past year. Last week Spotify posted the 2021 wrapped music songs which are your most played songs from the year. It is always fun to go back and see what songs you enjoyed as well as songs you had forgotten about. With about 213 million active Spotify subscribers, the wrapped music is different for each person. Daniel Ek and his partner Martin Lorentzon founded Spotify in 2006 and launched the app in 2008. With about 30% of music listeners across the globe, Spotify is now the most used music streaming service.

Music is shown to raise moods/ emotions and seems to be a powerful tool for relaxation. Many students turn on music when doing homework or studying, although there are many studies showing it may be harmful to productivity. Some say that putting music on that have popular lyrics may interfere with reading comprehension and the ability to complete tasks. Listening to music with lyrics activates the language-processing part of your brain and causes you to pay more attention to the lyrics than the task in front of you. Whereas more soothing music is shown to relax the student as well as keep their mind from wondering. With this is it also shown that the type of music that makes you the most productive vary for each person. It is important to find out what situation makes you learn best.

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