Seen Around Severna Park: The Severn Run Club

By Ella Foote, ’25

The Severn Run Club, or SRC for short, is a new club first kicked off on November 15th, 2021; the club has been running all around Severna Park since. The Severn Run Club quickly became a safe space for any student interested in getting some exercise. People had the ability to share their highs and lows of the day and then run it off. Throughout the late fall and winter months, I realized just how important this club was to everyone around me and how special the memories we made would become.

Members of the new Severn Run Club on the B+A Trail

I asked a few students why they joined the running club. Raeha Richman replied, “I joined run club because I love running and also to stay fit over the winter.” Cooper Hamilton explained, “I could still run in the off-season and be prepared for track and field.”

I then asked members of the run club what they like about the club. Grace Cowell said, “It is a really fun way to connect with my friends outside of the classroom while getting exercise.” One participant mentioned that she had made some great friends and discovered more places to run in Severna Park. Erik Maltz added, “Run club is awesome because runners with all different skill levels can come out and have a good time exercising with friends, music, and fun Friday games.”

When I asked Grace Curtis, a co-leader of the run club, why she started the SRC, she explained, “I was running cross country and I really loved the sense of community and how everybody was friends with each other, and it was honestly the best part of my day. So I wanted everybody else to have that experience… I started run club just to get active and have other people to run with. But then it kind of turned into something more than that. A place where everybody could come to feel comfortable.”

Severn Run Club maintains a relaxed environment; people can attend on any given day. During the winter season, students joined the run club because of its “flexibility and chillness,” a comment made by Timmy Wright. Furthermore, Anna Erskine remarked, “Although I swam in the winter, I tried to make every run club I could because every time I attended it was so much fun. We would run a few miles each meeting, but for me, Run Club was a place where I could de-stress and enjoy the views around me with a group of awesome people.”

Not many clubs take place after school, and not many clubs require a change of clothes. But with anything in life, you must embrace the new. Running constantly throws curveballs at you, but with a group of people behind and ahead of you along the route, it doesn’t seem as impossible. I hope you all consider joining SRC next year as we would love to have you!

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