Prom 2022: The Excitement is in the Air

With Prom just around the corner, Severn’s hallways are filled with “Promposals,” Promchella posters, and more. As April 22nd creeps closer and closer, many juniors and seniors prepare for a night under the stars. I had the pleasure of talking to Ms. Wesley, the head of prom committee. Prior to the interview last week I had questions prepared that focused mainly on covid protocols and how this year’s prom might be altered from the pre-covid years. My worries quickly dissolved as Ms. Wesley assured me that this year’s prom was going to be as close to normal as possible. With a few exceptions such as an expedited planning period and the acceptance of both senior and junior girls on the committee, Ms. Wesley, along with the committee, have been working hard to ensure that they put on the best prom possible.

Above and below: The VADM Lawrence “N” Ballroom at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium, site of the 2022 Prom

This year, Severn’s prom is being planned primarily by the junior class, as all the members, except for senior Kenna Paquin, iron out the details of April 22nd. As announced in morning meeting a few weeks ago, this year’s Prom will be located at the VADM Lawrence “N” Ballroom at the Naval Academy– a venue that has been on reserve for Severn for the past two years. Due to covid, Severn was not able to utilize this space in 2020 or ‘21. This year it will be filled with tables, a dance floor, a DJ, and loads of decorations. When I asked Ms. Wesley if the committee’s work was winding down, she assured me that they would continue to be hard at work with smaller details until they day of the event. While small, additions thoughtfully added by the committee, such as table cards, meal alterations, and decorations, will bring the whole night together. It sounds like April 22nd will be a night filled with fun, friends, and good memories.

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