From Across the Pond: An Interview with Mr. Hughes

New to Severn this year in Creeden 212 is math teacher Mr. Hughes. For those who don’t know, Mr. Hughes teaches Algebra One, Intermediate Algebra Two, and Geometry. Before coming to Severn, Mr. Hughes taught at Meade Middle School, which he said was a completely different environment. While he often dealt with all sorts of issues at his old school, Mr. Hughes gives props to the Severn community for their responsibility, accountability, and for making his job as a Homecoming chaperone quite easy. To everyone who was tempted to run out of the school and onto the turf fields during the dance but did not, Mr. Hughes thanks you for your restraint. 

In addition to coming to Severn from a different school, Mr. Hughes is also from a different country—Wales. Located in Southwest Great Britain and a part of the United Kingdom, Wales is best known for its jagged coast, beautiful National Parks, and its Celtic language, Welsh. And while only around thirty percent of Wales’ population speaks Welsh, Mr. Hughes greeted me with a warm hello in English and Welsh, which just happens to be his first language. 

When he is not in his classroom, you can find Mr. Hughes in the LRC, around campus on a coffee run, or out on the turf fields watching sports like field hockey—a popular sport back in Wales—and come spring, lacrosse.  

Finally, Mr. Hughes is one of the newest additions to Severn’s dominating Math Team. Leading the squad with Mr. Greenlee, Mr. Hughes told me he “thinks it’s amazing how much love and compassion people have when the announcements for the math team come on.” Not only does he appreciate this passion, but Mr. Hughes is also excited to see everyone at the math competitions at AACC in the future. 

So next time you see him around campus, make sure to welcome Mr. Hughes into the Severn community with a “bore da,” or good morning! 

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