Seniors – Where They Are Now: Devan

Many people finding themselves nervous for college, wondering what’s in store. Are they enough prepared? What is the experience in comparison to high school? Graduated senior of Severn, Devan Will, now attends Michigan State University. He was able to answer some questions the students of Severn were wondering themselves. What have you taken from severn high school experience that has helped you in college? The skill that I’ve gained from Severn that has helped me the most in college so far is the ability to crank out papers like it’s nothing.

Devan (right) presented his fellow’s project with his partner.

How has your workload been compared to your workload in high school? At least right now my workload is nothing compared to what I had at Severn. Of course, that’ll change as I take more advanced classes as I progress but as of right now its slight. What has been the biggest adjustment starting college? The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make while here at MSU is making new friends and finding activities to do in my free time during the week. Making new friends wasn’t really that hard but it can be intimidating since a lot of the kids here did know each other from high school. Obviously, there’s lots to do on the weekends but during the weekdays it’s nice to have an activity of some sort to do to fill your free time.

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