How Would America Change Without Roe v. Wade?

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health in the following months. If the majority of justices agree to overturn Roe v. Wade or seriously curtail its capacity, 26 states will certainly or very likely ban abortion. These states contain half of America’s population of women of childbearing age.

China’s Communist Party Rewrites its History to Reinforce a Cult of Personality

On Friday, November 14, the sixth plenary session of China Communist Party’s Central Committee formally closed. According to an official summary of the meeting, the Committee approved a decision to rewrite the party’s history in order to elevate the status of its leader, Xi Jinping, and pave the way for his third consecutive term as general secretary.

Supreme Court Hears Two Challenges to Texas Abortion Law

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard two oral arguments to the Texas Heartbeat Act, one from abortion providers and the other from the federal government. The hearing seems to reflect a shift in opinion. Two of the conservative Justices, Kavanaugh and Barrett, who both voted against an injunction of the Heartbeat Act two months prior, hinted that they might allow challenges to the law. 

Submarine Deal Between the U.S., Britain, and Australia Counters China but Angers France

On Thursday, Sept. 15, President Biden, along with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Australia counterpart Scott Morison, announced a new defense initiative with Britain to help Australia develop and deploy a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines. The initiative signifies a new era of American involvement in the Indo-Pacific, as well as changing alliances with…