Jevyn Avery, ’20
Emily Bradshaw, ’20

Hi! I am a senior here at Severn School. I play lacrosse and field hockey. I am very interested in current events and I believe it is important for students to understand the problems and news that is going on not only around the world, but also right here at Severn. I am very excited for all of you to learn more about your world every day! Stay tuned!

Aidan Carter, ’20
Joshua Henrietta, ’20
Christopher Kirk, ’20

Hi, My name is Christopher Kirk, I am a senior at Severn School. I am taking our “History of the News” class where we discuss news stories, their roots, their value, and their credibility. I am particularly interested in technology, the environment, and world events.

David Kirk, ’20
Taylor Layden, ’20

I am a senior at Severn School. I transferred my junior year to Severn from Broadneck Highschool. I have two brothers that also go to Severn, Conner (16) and Luke (11). I am on the field hockey team and am considering doing swim team this winter.

Maddi Meyer, ’20

My name is Maddi Meyer and I am a senior at Severn. My favorite areas of interest are the environment, politics, human rights, and technological innovations. My favorite news sources include CBS 60 minutes, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Solana Page, ’20

My name is Solana Page and I am a senior attending the Severn School. I am taking a course titled “A History of the News” where I will be sharing articles that I write that are based anywhere from locally to internationally. My main interests are based around animals and the environment and I alter my daily activities so that I can become more environmentally friendly. I am excited to share what I write and I hope my stories interest you.

Sofi Sowden, ’20
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Thomas Sitzmann